Neural networks can add natural animation to video games


The researchers used machine learning and a neural net to pull animation info from a database, based on what you’re doing with the gamepad. “So, instead of storing all the data and selecting which clip to play with, [we] have a system which actually generates animations on the fly, given the user input,” the school’s Daniel Holden told Ars Technica.


Ha ha ha creo que voy a mandar a estos ‘chicos’ un mail suplicándoles que me apañen los bugs de Lolin’. Vaya nivelón, ¡siempre ha habido clases!

ZERO-DAY by Beeple

The next world war will not be invisible.

After the success of STUXNET, a virus written by the United States to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, the U.S. government could no longer deny it was developing cyber weapons meant to do physical damage. With US companies and agencies under constant attack from state-sponsored Chinese hackers, it is only a matter of time before tensions boil over and more sensitive infrastructure is targeted. As more of our devices (cars, homes, etc) become connected, we will become more and more vulnerable to the physical threat of cyber warfare.

By Beeple