Dear Esther [y más]

“I’ve begun my voyage in a paper boat without a bottom; I will fly to the moon in it. I have been folded along a crease in time, a weakness in the sheet of life. Now, you’ve settled on the opposite side of the paper to me; I can see your traces in the ink that soaks through the fibre, the pulped vegetation. When we become waterlogged, and the cage disintegrates, we will intermingle. When this paper aeroplane leaves the cliff edge, and carves parallel vapour trails in the dark, we will come together.”


De paseo por NeoGaf ( ^.^) me he topado con un post de juegos de terror para pasar estos días, y han recomendado este MOD para HL2 (mi único juego para PC!) Échale un vistazo al ‘trailer’

Dear Esther


[EDIT] En el portal de MODs del link de descarga tienen este otro MOD para UT2004 con pinta interesante!


“This mod is audio-visual and game style experiment… You arrive to the moon research station to work as heavy machinery engineer. From now on you are on your own…”

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