En breve, la nueva expansión de EVE Online! Para PC, MAC y Linux

Dec. 5 for Trinity

Nueva ampliación con nuevo engine (y lavado de cara en general) para el MMO más raro que hay pululando por aqui… en su día me resulto una castaña, con un tutorial muuuuuy largo y muuuuuy aburrido, para luego terminar minando, minando y minando. Pero investigando un poco sobre el juego y como ha evolucionado desde aquella primera versión, encuentro cosas que me hypean bastante para probarlo de nuevo… sacado de jugadores de EVE que postean por NEOGAF.

“Eve can actually be the least time consuming MMO in the world, or at least possible to play in the background with somewhat minimal interactivity. There’s no grinding for skills (you set them to train and they do so automatically, whether you’re logged in or not), the only thing you have to do is make money, which can be done via missions, freighting shit, or mining, none of which is particularly dangerous (well missions, sorta), depending on where you are.”

“Mining *is* monotonous, but it’s something you really only have to do in the tutorial / early days to get a feel for various module use & ISK (In-game currency) generation. “

“I don’t wanna work for no sticking stuck-up corp! Guess what, you don’t have to, some corps are ultra organized and will dish out roles, some are collections of people just doing there own thing, some are industrial, some are commerce based and some are PvP based, some are full mixes with freedom to mix and match your playstyles at the drop of a hat. Some people stay forever in NPC starting corps and stay independent.”

It *is* hardcore, you’re not gonna jump into successful PvP without 2-3 months Skill Point training under your belt. But unlike other MMO’s, 3-4 Low SP players in Frigs can tear apart a much MUCH more experienced player in a Battleship without too much trouble, Big ships have weaknesses that no skill points can help with.

There is much more than people get to hear about in-game, Ship racing, Explorarion, Alliance warfare and more. It’s no picnic, but it can be fun if you find something you do enjoy ingame, theres lots of options.”


Y algo de lo que no tenía ni idea sobre EVE Online

“It’s one of the few MMO’s to turn the micropayment/subs model on it’s head, as it’s possible via Game Time Cards to trade your In Game Currency for Cards, meaning you pay your monthly subs with ISK! (About 3-400 Million ISK for a 90 day gamecard)”

( O_O) parece ser que puedes llegar a comprar dias de juego con dinero del juego! Por supuesto son cifras enormes pero la posibilidad existe!

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