björk – Atopos

Atopy (Greek ατοπίαatopíaSocrates has often been called “átopos”)[1] is a concept describing the ineffability of things or emotions that are seldom experienced, that are outstanding and that are original in the strict sense. It is a certain quality (of experience) that can be observed within oneself or within others, differing from the ideal quality that is conceptualized, not experienced.


Taken from new album ‘fossora’ out 30th september – We are not ready! ( O.O)

Agnes – 24 hours

When we need to process a dramatic change in our life, we go through different stages of emotion. The video for 24 hours is based on that journey, and the different personalities that it brings to light. All tailored to help us cope with everything from sadness and frustration to anger and grief. It’s not pretty, but without them we wouldn’t be rewarded with the powerful energy that then helps us move forward