Hyrule Warriors: Majora’s Mask dlc

Characters (Young Link and Tingle): 500 Yen each
Adventure Map : 500 Yen.
Costumes: 200 Yen each.
Pack itself is 1200 Yen.
Jan. 29 in JP/EU

New update. Ver. 1.5.0:

  • Raised max level for characters.
  • New potions.
  • Even more new medals.
  • New weapon skill(s)
  • Smithy improved, adding several new options “Delete Skill”, “Check skills (before crafting)”, and add “Sale weapons”
  • More information available during Adventure Mode
  • Total damage is visible, and you can now restart the mission without going back to the map.

TINGLE FOR PRESIDENT! El fin de la poca productividad que me quedaba XDDDDD Toda esta info, ese pedazo de GIF y un montón de foticos en el thread de NEOGAF