SM64 Advance

Super Mario 64 running on a GBA

Mira que me gusta cuando hacen estas locurotas… una GBA intentando mover algo semejante al Super Mario 64 ( 0.0) increíble currazo Joshua Barreto.

Leamos unas palabras del creador:

This is not actually Super Mario 64: it’s my attempt at rewriting SM64 for the GBA.I initially considered attempting a port, but the GBA is an order of magnitude slower than the N64 and has no GPU or native support for floating-point numbers.

So far, I’ve implemented a basic physics and collision system, along with a fully 3D camera, rasterization, texture-mapping, transparency support, etc.

Because the code is written from-scratch, I should be in a position to release the code into the public domain in the future: although I can’t distribute it with Nintendo’s assets, obviously.

Joshua Barreto