Eternal-Silence 3.0

Desde los foros de NeoGAF llega esta sorpresa en forma de MOD para HL2!?

Pero como diablos hacen estas cosas ( `.^) ahora que ya no tengo mi XP funcionando! En fin, para quien tenga HL2 y ganas, QUE LO PRUEBE AHORA!

Unas pantallitas:

Eternal Silence features the following:

* Cinematic Battles between Capital Ships on battlefields as large as 32768 cubic kilometers

* Choose between ataining victory on foot by capturing the enemy’s subsystems, or be a pilot and bomb vital systems from space.

* Fast and Furious dogfights between Fighters and other Tactical Craft in deep space. Escort you gunships to deliver a squad of marines to the enemy hangar.

* A True Space Experience. Cut your ship’s engines and drift in the frictionless void of space.

* Action-Packed ground battles. Seize decks of your enemy’s ship, controlling or disabling their shields, weapons… Fight off the enemy and work as a team, fulfilling the role of one of many classes with an array of unique weapons at your disposal.

* Achieve Victory by destroying the enemy capital ship inside and out.

* A Complete Story behind the Eternal Silence universe, released chapter by chapter as a novella is available online