Agent Denise Bryson

Only in Twin Peaks…

When Cooper last knew Bryson it was under the name Dennis, and while he’s amusingly nonchalant about Bryson’s new look, he’s understandably curious about it, too. Denise explains how an undercover assignment called for him to dress in drag, and in doing so Dennis/Denise found that wearing women’s clothing ‘relaxed’ him.



Mi agente del FBI favorito travestido junto al agente Cooper!
XD yo ej que me desorino con esta serie.

Laura Palmer is dead

Hoy he empezado a ver la serie again, pero esta vez en VO y con la intención de ver la película Fire walk with me. Qué puedo decir ( U,U) el resumen del vídeo lo dice todo:

Homecoming queen Laura Palmer is found dead, wrapped in plastic, and the town of Twin Peaks falls apart.

3 minutos con Portishead pa mearse encima!