In search of…

Pero esta fantasía que es lo que es!!!? Dejad que me limpie el rimmel antes de seguir…

A four-hour-plus retrospective of ‘80s Sci-Fi movies featuring interviews with actors, directors, writers, SFX experts, and composers.

In Search of Tomorrow -’80s Sci-Fi Documentary


¿Un documental de la sci-fi de los 80s? ¡Yo digo sí a todo!

Si queréis colaborar con esta maravilla pinchad por aquí: In search of tomorrow

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Interrumpo mi silencio vacacional (sí, yo también tengo derecho a vacaciones) para gritar… HOMEWORLD TREEEEEEEEEEES


Ya está, me vuelvo a la playa.

Forever YESH!

Koji sempai! YESH! Parece que lo de pirarse de Konami le ha sentado MUY BIEN… venga a currar y a sacar algo pronto.


( O_O)

The sudden development of technology for rapid space travel enables fast and inexpensive journeys to the stars. Exo Dynamics, the dominant conglomerate in the new field, has opened flights to daring citizens of Earth. Like the Yukon gold rush of old, waves of adventurers sign up to launch themselves into a new frontier, risking everything to seek their fortune in the far reaches of the galaxy. These are the Astroneers.

As an Astroneer, you must find a way to dig out a life on one of a multitude of harsh new worlds. Blast through the terrain to uncover precious artifacts and materials you can use to fuel your quest to become a wealthy baron in the stars. Along the way, discover oddities, raise questions, and uncover mysteries.

Perhaps not all is as it seems.

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