En breve, el 30.03.2023, estará en todas las plataformas este LUNARK, y como buen fan de Flashback, Another World y compañía… debes jugarlo muy fuertemente!!!

Un poco más de info de boca de su creador, Johan Vinet, porque para más inri, el juego es prácticamente cosa de una persona ( O.O)

Long time ago, Earth became increasingly unsustainable. The most optimistic forecasts predicted that the human race could survive for just another 10 years. On the International Lunar Station, a group of scientists built NOAH: an artificial intelligence driven supercomputer whose sole directive was to save humanity. It came up with a solution: transform the Moon into a giant spaceship using its core as a reactor to transport millions of embryos to the nearest superhabitable planet. This operation was called the LUNARK initiative.

Today, Humans are about to celebrate the 300th anniversary of their arrival on their new homeworld: Albaryne. NOAH rules over the settlers with its droid army, and LUNARK—in geostationary orbit over Albaryne—has become a symbol of oppression for a growing part of the population.

You play as Leo, a lonely young orphan with unique physical and physiological characteristics that arouse the curiosity – if not the hatred – of its fellow citizens. You’ll help him fulfill his destiny in the midst of a rebellion against LUNARK, and meet a wide cast of colorful characters, stuck on either side of the escalating conflict.

Pintaza, habrá que wishlistearlo que en Limited Run habrá edición fisica.

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