Help Ximito to overcome the calamities on his strange daily life.

Weird isometric flash* game.

*Flash player 12 or + required.


Mouse + Keyboard



How to play


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Using items:

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Save & Load:

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Spoiler Alert! The following images may contain some spoilers.

Dev log

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23 Comments to Ximorama


    very nice game!

  2. how do i make the potion? i think there is a bug because it doesn’t work

  3. Ximito

    You need to collect all the ingredients that Cepherino the Fortune Teller suggest you in his text message.

    The go to the kitchen and cook the recipe.

  4. i combined 5 things but it didn’t work!! am i doing something wrong?? first i cooked the chocolate and the pink tentacle and got a dark tentacle…..and finally i cooked 5 things together….. cooked 2 speaker wires, the dark tentacle, a smelly sock and a flask…..but it didnt make anything….only a heap of crap…lol…what am i missing??

  5. Ximito

    You were right, there was a bug in the cooking script! Now it’s fixed and the recipe works in any way you try to cook it. With the choco-tacle and the five ingredients or with all the ingredients at once (using the chocolate and the pink tentacle without combining them first)

    Thanks for the bug hunting khloe ( ^.^)/

  6. another bug!! i made the recipe and used it on the red wall and watched a little movie….but when the movie was over…nothing happened….i’m back infront of the red wall and the potion is still in my inventory… the wall isn’t red anymore and i can’t go through the wall….i don’t know what to do now….i tried calling the fortune teller…he said to call him back when i’m finished the cleaning…..but i AM finished the cleaning!!! uggh!!!