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Humanity has started many years ago the process of terraforming mars, we follow the thoughts and prayers of one of the ” cleaners “, who work on this titanic project.

Directed by Paul Chadeisson

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McLaren Applied Technologies

A vision of 2050.

Inspired by the fans. Made possible by McLaren Applied Technologies.

Old meets new at the track. Fierce sidewinding banks and inductive charging, delivered right on the fans’ doorstep.

Fast, predatory and instinctive. 500 km/h inductively charged electric racing, shapeshifting aero and AI co-pilots.

The ultimate fusion of human and technology. MCLE is an extension of a driver’s body with an AI co-pilot transmitting data through advanced AR.


Echádle un ojillo al docu-fantasía de McLaren Applied Technologies. A mi el 2050 se me antoja un poco justo, según mi roadmap mental para el 2048 ya tendríamos que tener esto más que superado.


¡Me gusta! ¡Me representa! ¡Lo quiero!

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El primer corto de Oats Studios ya está aquí…

RAKKA is the story of broken humanity following the invasion of a technologically superior alien species. Bleak harrowing and unrelenting, the humans we meet must find enough courage to go on fighting.