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NFS Heat

Sí, por favor… Póngame tres.


Vete preparando el BMW que te lo voy a quemar con mi Aventador!


Así bajo yo a comprar al Mercadona… ¿por qué? ¡pues porque puedo!



I was gonna cancel

This video is an abstract look at pedestrian life and how we’re all just trying to get through and rise above everyday challenges. Although the song talks about a real life event that happened the day I recorded the song with Pharrell, the video has a more conceptual approach and I love how surreal it looks. I found myself almost directing traffic and it made me think about how we’re all just trying to negotiate our way through day to day life.” – Kylie Minogue

Feliz 2013

Pues eso ( ^,^) ¡feliz 2013!

Otro año más de desarrollo para Ximorama y Lolin’, mua ha ha ha los mayas estaban equivocados!