Weird isometric adventure


Help Ximito to overcome the odd calamities in his daily life and unravel the mysteries behind the dark powers that are provoking them. Originally developed as an Adobe Flash webgame, this game is currently being ported to ECMAScript. Try the demo and leave your comments!


    Web browser


    Mouse + Keyboard



How to play


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Using items:

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Save & Load:

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Spoiler Alert! The following images may contain some spoilers.

Dev log

Last 5 entries in DEV LOG: XIMORAMA™

Read the rest of the development log by checking DEV LOG: XIMORAMA™

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23 Comments to Ximorama

  1. Snobbie

    How do you reset the gamefile..?
    and i think the Q button is not working…(you mean the keyboard?, i did and it did nothing)

  2. Ximito

    Hi, the Q button was a quick solution I programmed to fix some critical issues. I’ve just updated the save screen and now the Erase Button is working. Sorry for the delay ( @,@)

  3. lychee

    Hi, it might be a stupid question.
    but im stuck on the ingredients for the cooking part.
    im missing the flask…
    i cant find the flask for 2 days ald… D:
    its a bug or i just cant find it?


  4. Ximito

    Hi, don’t worry! finding the flask is a tricky one ( ^_^)
    This item is hidden under the bed… you need to turn off the lights from the room so Ximito can turn on the lamp next to the bed, after that you’ll see where the flask is (a glow mark the place!)

  5. troubled

    It says the scratch before the crossroads is a research point. Help!