Weird isometric adventure


Help Ximito to overcome the odd calamities in his daily life and unravel the mysteries behind the dark powers that are provoking them. Originally developed as an Adobe Flash webgame, this game is currently being ported to ECMAScript. Try the demo and leave your comments!


    Web browser


    Mouse + Keyboard



How to play


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Using items:

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Save & Load:

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Spoiler Alert! The following images may contain some spoilers.

Dev log

Last 5 entries in DEV LOG: XIMORAMA™

Read the rest of the development log by checking DEV LOG: XIMORAMA™

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23 Comments to Ximorama

  1. Mari

    isn’t there a walkthrough? :( I’m stuck in the hell crossroads

  2. Ximito

    Sorry, there isn’t a walktrough but…
    Maybe you didnt see it. There is a scratch in one of the walls in the room before the crossroad (just behind the sign with the warning)

  3. Boo

    How come the game is not finished yet? I came across it when I was 14, and am 20 now. I kept coming back to it over the years wanting to finally finish it, but still after 6 years it’s incomplete? :s

  4. Ximito

    I’ve being developing the game all this time by my own ( U,U)… upgrading it with better scripts, new features, optimizing the graphics, etc…so I can assure you the game is not abandoned. I don’t know when I will finish it but I will be adding more stuff everytime I have time to put in the development.

    By the way, thanks for following me all this time ( ^.^)

  5. Snobbie

    So… In the old version , I’m talking about the game years back… In the living room was the game consle a playstation two?

    and the scartches on the wall didn’t leade me anywhere but circles…

  6. Ximito

    That’s right, there was a PS2 ( ^,^).
    Now I put some tvchannels, and someday I’ll add some minigames to the X360…

    The scratches are the directions you have to follow to pass the Hell cross. The hell part is unfinished, but you can explore a few more rooms (there is a bar, a pool, a cliff…) with a few actions to complete.