Weird isometric adventure


Help Ximito to overcome the odd calamities in his daily life and unravel the mysteries behind the dark powers that are provoking them. Originally developed as an Adobe Flash webgame, this game is currently being ported to ECMAScript. Try the demo and leave your comments!


    Web browser


    Mouse + Keyboard



How to play


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Using items:

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Save & Load:

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Spoiler Alert! The following images may contain some spoilers.

Dev log

Last 5 entries in DEV LOG: XIMORAMA™

Read the rest of the development log by checking DEV LOG: XIMORAMA™

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23 Comments to Ximorama

  1. Ximito

    I’m testing now the page and that part of the game seems to be working. Maybe your save is corrupted or the game just fail at loading the next scene, in that case there is no other way to fix it than restarting the game. Sorry.

  2. okay no problem…how do i restart??

  3. ok no problem ….how do i restart?

  4. Ximito

    The save/load is in a very early state of development… but I added a shortcut to clean your save game.
    Wait till you gain control over Ximito (just after you close the welcome screen) then press “Q” key… a black screen with a message will pop. Then reload the page.

  5. awesome game so far!! but i’m stuck now! i’ve gone to hotters bar and got straws and crushed pills…what do i do next?…i’ve got the fishing rod and need to get a drink for the skull at the bottom of the cliff….i’ve put sleeping pills in the drink at the bar and make the skull head fall asleep…and i used the straws and pills in the fence and put some crused pills into the drink by the pool but the guy at the pool didn’t fall asleep…he just mumbles something like…nice dragon…but won’t let me look in his basket..

  6. Ximito

    I’m afraid that you’ll have to wait to the next update. That section is near the end of the current content of the game (more to come)